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Frequently Asked Questions:

Payment Methods

Cashback on our account or Cash. In any case, we recommend telephone communication for your better service

If I have already paid for the transfer and cancel it for any reason, will I lose my money?

If the carriage is canceled for up to one week before the scheduled date of delivery, then you lose 50% total amount. If the time span is less than a week, then you lose all the amount you’ve paid.

If my flight arrival is delayed, will your partner wait for me to receive?

Of course he will be waiting for you. All our partners are constantly informed about arrival times or their changes and await your arrival to pick you up and take you to your destination.

How Do I Recognize Your Partner Who Expects Me?

Our partner who will be waiting for you at your place of arrival will hold a sticker with your name and company name. With these clues you will direct yourself to him.

What should I do if I arrive earlier than my expected arrival time?

You should stay at the meeting point until our partner arrives or you can contact our call center you are instructed.

What happens if I still can not meet with your partner?

Although it is impossible to do so, you can contact one of us by calling our call center, which is 24 hours a day and we’ll serve you instantly.

What is the length of the route?

Depends on the trip you are choosing. There are choices between routes for about half a day, one day, 2 days or more.

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