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The No1 travel agency ODYSSEY TRAVEL opens its doors and provides you with affordable luxury through its rich services such as car rental, VIP private transfers, holiday travel arrangements, both in popular and remote areas of the world.
Odyssey into the world of travel, is no more an odyssey!
Athens by night
Odyssey Travel
Enjoy the beauty of one of the oldest cities in the world. At the nightlife of Athens, you will be surprised by the famous Acropolis and the rich history of a city of outstanding cultural interest. Stops for walks in the old town as well as to the narrow streets of Plaka. Great dinner and drink at the beautiful Flisvos dock.
Odyssey Travel
Check out our wide range of travel services and choose for you car and private car rental services, sunny holiday packages in the Greek Islands, vacations in Athens, Evia or other cities in Greece, sightseeing tours of Mycenae, Corinth, Epidaurus or Nafplion or cruise on Greek islands.

Luxurious travel

Group luxurious trips with our well-equipped fleet of Mercedes buses. Take advantage of the possibility to rent luxury mini bus and family trips, corporate transfers, transport of tourist groups to or from airports, harbors or hotels. Call us to find out about collaborative programs with well-known hotel units. We provide one-day luxury tours and well-organized tourist packages!

Visits and tours to monuments

Enjoy our comfortable and well-organized transport and visit places of cultural interest. One-day tours with 18-seat minibuses, in cooperation with selected hotels or two-day excursions of tourist packages with high-quality tourist buses, with a capacity of 52 seats. Meet Modern Greece and discover the diamonds that hide in every corner! Select for your luxury mini bus or bigger buses, private or corporate rental.

Magnificent routes

Experience the perfect travel experience through detailed tours of archaeological sites, museums, ancient theaters. Indulge yourself in comfortable walks through a variety of wealthy excursion programs. Do you want to live like natives? Hire modern vehicles and move to the rhythms of majestic Greece. Ask us for the available dates and enjoy a modern tourist product!


We offer high quality, our services with precision and prudence and above all professionalism, providing impeccable service. Featuring a Mercedes-Benz minibus of the highest comfort and quality, we can meet all your needs. All of our vehicles are new models of high and strict specifications, luxurious and our drivers are always at your disposal to serve you and provide you with all the comforts. Enjoy the luxury we offer you with security and reliability.

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Travelling in Greece

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Odyssey into the world of travel, is no more an odyssey! Discover the popular sights and well-hidden secrets of each destination. Experience what you dream of in Greece and let us offer you a comfortable and well organized excursion as we know how to offer the traveler the tourist experience that will give him relaxation and wellbeing. Additionally, we organize excursions to Monasteries or famous Churches, continuously developing new tourist products, enhancing the growing stream of pilgrimage tourism that exists in the Greek territory.

Always with your financial budget, consistency, courtesy, safety we travel to every destination with our comfortable and modern buses. For more idealized routes, we have a Mercedes mini bus with full equipment, emphasizing the quality of service.

With years of experience in private transport, we are ready to give you an enjoyable travel experience, a quality route, at any time! Our experienced and well trained drivers are ready to satisfy all your requirements, with a high level of responsibility and professionalism.

Enjoy our trip!

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